• 57 years old

  • Occasionally goes to the gym

  • Active in event planning

“I am proud of my appearance and I am not always on the lookout for the latest technologies! My neighbour talked to me about Studio Vibrant.ca, which helped her a lot in her fitness and balance. Moreover, her doctor even confirmed that her cholesterol had decreased and that her annual report was greatly improved. I had noticed for some time that she had more energy … But it was only since this summer that she told me of her secret … I went … Oh really !! I tell you !! I never felt this good at 50 and now I am 57. Everyone laughs when they touch my thighs because they just can’t believe how firm they are for my age. The team prepared a program exactly suited to my needs, adapted to my strength and rhythm. I am never alone.. they are constantly with me!. What a beautiful continuity of life.. thank you, Studio Vibrant for this second breath”*

*This is a testimonial of one of our clients. There is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.
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