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The Power Plate is a perfect tool for getting in shape. It is used by high-caliber athletes as well as by everyone; While the former want to increase their performance in their respective disciplines, the majority of users simply dream of regaining control of their bodies.

On this page you will discover the impact of the Power Plate. For example, you will understand its operation better by consulting the video below. You can also call us at 514-666-5665 for more information about our free Power Plate trial. You will have the chance to sit down with a coach to talk about your goals, you will do a first full training session and you will be entitled to a relaxation and massage session to ask all your questions!

The Power Plate is excellent for toning the muscles of your body. Thanks to the vibrations produced by the device, your muscles find themselves in constant struggle to maintain your balance, contracting from 25 to 50 times per second. The intensity of such training is ideal for creating stronger members in less time.

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Obviously, the intensity of the sessions will can allow you to solicit your muscles to very important levels. It is said that 95% to 97% of the muscle fibers are used during a session, much more than during traditional training! Runners are among the first to benefit from the endurance gains generated by the Power Plate.

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By combining a healthy diet with Power Plate training, it is possible to gradually eliminate visceral fat, which is harmful to your cardiovascular health over the long term. It’s a great way to improve your life expectancy

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Improvement of Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

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Improve Skin Blood Flow

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Training Builds Bone Mineral Density*

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Fitness for Athletes

Several top athletes have already adopted the Power Plate as a fitness tool. This is particularly the case of tennis player Rafael Nadal and two American football teams, the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The action of a private trainer combined with the vibratory technology allows to target each muscle precisely and much more efficiently than traditional training.

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