GMP 4.14®,  has proven itself worldwide and is finally available!

A high-tech device that could make you burn up to 800 calories per session of 45 minutes, which corresponds to a caloric loss equivalent to a run of 12 to 15 kilometers.*

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The CMP 4.14 is a long infrared relaxation chamber that not only accelerates the fat burning process but also helps reduce stress and helps in detoxification. Unlike conventional saunas or infrared saunas, the CMP 4.14’s passive metabolic gym allows forater, deeper and more targeted sweating. *

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The first time I tried it I was really exhausted from my day as I always wake up very early, but as soon as I got out I was re-energized. It was like I had woke up from a long sleep. I have been going back ever since and so far I’ve lost two belt knotches worth of weight. I love this machine!

Claude, Carpenter

As a single mother working full time, I don’t have much time for myself. I started using the GMP 4.14(R) for weight loss, but now I keep going back for the energy and phyical benefits. When I am in the the GMP 4.14, I manage to disconect from my daily life and get a moment to myself. What a wonderful moment of pleasure and relaxation!

Nadine C, Assistant Secretary
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You could detoxify your body and possibly burn up to 800 calories in one session! The production of long infrared rays by a high-tech fiber, platinum photon, emits 100% natural energy, identical to that emitted by the sun, can help you burn fat and detoxify the cells.*

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To fully enjoy this energy, the body must remain elongated, effortlessly, for a minimum of 30 minutes. In one session you can lose up to 800 calories*, the equivalent of a 12 to 15 kilometer run. Medical studies have demonstrated many beneficial effects to long infrared radiation therapy:

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  • Thinning*

  • Refinement of the silhouette (anti-cellulite)*

  • Detox*

  • Fitness (vitality / anti-depression)*

  • Relief of muscular and joint tensions*

*Read the study