A vibrant love story!

It was in September 2008 that I discovered personally this device quite incredible: the Power Plate®. I could not spend more than two hours in the gym, and it was by exchanging with several Internet users in Europe that I discovered the worldwide popularity of the Power Plate®. All of them worshiped me the virtues of this vibrating plate and the fact that I would get the same results and more in just 25 minutes of practice. I waited impatiently for his arrival in Quebec. When I finally tried it, it was a revelation.

Being a private coach for more than 30 years, I started with workouts in the basement of my home. Given the excellent results, my clientele grew rapidly. 18 months later, a lady amazed by the results chose to subsidize my project. In February 2007, I bought several Power Plates and opened a branch in Longueuil. Six months later, I opened a second one in McMasterville. Being affiliated with a body clinic (SKINS), we quickly realized how much compatibility there was. A few months passed and it was on April 9, 2011 that the official opening of the new Power Plate Weight Loss Center in Brossard took place. Life is good for me because it has surrounded me with extraordinary people with excellent coaches, not to mention my incredible management, reception, and so on. … And it’s just getting started! … Get ready! To satisfy demand, the Boucherville branch has been in operation since fall 2011 and is a great success!


Chantal Héroux Head trainer and owner
Jonathan Gauthier Certified trainer
Fanny Huet Certified trainer

An avid traveller, Fannie started off working in the tourism industry for 8 years. Eventually, in an effort to change her career path to one geared towards her sporty side, she became an Ataraxia certified trainer alongside Chantal Heroux. With an equally strong interest in nutrition, she also became a certified counselor for the thinning program, Pro-Fit. In Fannie you will get to know a loyal, competent, and professional trainer.

Frederic Byé Certified trainer

Working as a trainer and personal trainer since the age of 17, Frederic has been a certified Power Plate trainer for Studiovibrant.ca since 2014. In addition to being a gymnast, Frederic is also a successful wrestler. He carries a brown belt in Kenpo Karate, and has also competed in basketball and soccer. Since the age of 7, sports has always been at the center of Frederic’s life, so the Power Plate is a natural fit!

Anne-Sophie Jean Certified trainer

Anne-Sophie is a sports therapist since 2015 and and has completed her studies at Concordia University. She works with athletes and people of all ages and phyisical abilities in order to help them return to play or sport as soon as possibly. A lifelong athlete herself, she has played at the regional, provincial and international levels of competition. She loves sports and training. Come and meet her!

Marie-Eve Jean Certified trainer

Marie-Ève studied exercise science with a specialization in sports therapy at Concordia University. Sport therapist since 2015, she works mainly with sports teams and in the medical field. She specializes in injury evaluation, recuperation, and rehabilitation. Loving sports herself, she’s always involved in training and physical activity. She has been horse-riding for 18 years, so she’s had plenty of time to stay in shape. Come and train with her!

Marie-Eve Tanguay Certified trainer

Marie Eve is a certified trainer at Ataraxia since 2016 and has practiced sport coaching since she was a teenager. Ballerina on her off hours, Marie-Eve loves training on the powerplate which she discovered in 2015, a discovery that sparked an interest in her to become a PP trainer herself! Very dynamic, she will keep a smile on your face all the while motivating you to reach your goals.

Solange Tardif Certified trainer

With over 20 years of experience as a medical technician in the medical field, Solange knows just how to guide you through your health goals. She has numerous qualifications related to Nutrition, First Aid, Life Coaching, Physical Conditioning, Physical Correction and group training. As Health & Well being consultant and certified personal trainer, she knows just how to encourage you to reach your desired goals, all the while motivating you with her infectious energy.

Marie-Josée Rose Certified trainer