The Power Plate encourages the rapport between the fatty and muscular tissues, in a way that augments base metabolism, resulting in the body consuming a new and bigger amount of energy on a daily basis. The release of natural growth hormones which happens during Power Plate training also stimulates fat burning.

Even in the case of highly trained athletes, Vibration training constitutes a new method of training for which the body needs to get used to. As is the case for all other sports and training regimes, you should initiate your body to this new method of exercising.

About 400 to 500 depending on the intensity, but it is important to keep in mind that it is during the recuperation period that the metabolism rate increases. This increase means that calorie burning continues in the 24 – 48 hours following a training sessions (even during sleep).

During your first free visit to our studio, we will proceed with a personal evaluation were we will establish a program suited to your needs and goals. Due to the ability to tailor exercise programs to one’s ability, the powerplate is as effective for expert and beginner trainers.

Ideally 3 times a week, but 2 times a week will be suitable for those who already have a sports training program.

The principle of vibration training (muscle activation through relex vibration stimulation) was discovered in the mid 20th century. In the 1980 olympic games russian athletes started using this technique to train for their sport which marked to first large scale use of vibration training. As time went on and thanks to further research and results analysis, the technology was adopted to several devices which eventually gave birth to the existing Power Plate.

Training on the powerplate lasts only 25 minutes and is 3 times as effective due to multidimensional disequilibrium. Certainly an effort is needed, but considering that each exercise lasts about 1 minute during which just the last 10 seconds can be demanding, the discomfort passses very quickly. Plus, you will always have a trainer at your side encouraging you and correcting your form

While this type of training is commonly used for rehabilitation and readaptation, there are certain conditions ( prolapsed bladder, phlebitis, herniated disc, among others) which can be problematic. During your first visit, we will do a health check to make sure whether you are eligible.

Each program is individually adapted to your needs, so whether you’re a man or a women you will get a training program suitable for you. Members from the Canadiens, Alouettes, and Montreal Impact have all been known to use the Power Plate.

The vibration based training can be equally useful for the elderly. The Power Plate allows for the simple and efficient contraction of the muscle which is especially helpful with articulations, ligaments, and tendons. Plus, Power Plate training helps increase bone density in the case of osteoporosis.

Power Plate training increased blood circulation through multidimensional muscular reinforcement which triggers a caloric burning process that is especially effective in overweight clients. However, the device itself supports up to 400lbs.