Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to lose weight using the Power Plate?

The Power Plate influences the ratio between fat and muscle tissue, so that the basal metabolic rate is increased, resulting in the body once again consuming more energy on a daily basis. The increased release of growth hormone facilitates and stimulates fat burning.

I've been exercising intensively for years. Can I start directly with the program for experienced people?

Even for the trained athlete, vibration training is a new training method to which the body must become accustomed. As with all other sports and physical training, you need to introduce the body to this new mode of exercise slowly.

How many calories do we burn in a 25-minute session?

Approximately 400 to 550 depending on intensity, but the important thing to remember is that during the recovery period the metabolism increases. This increase means that added caloric expenditure is distributed over the 24 to 48 hours following training (even during sleep).

I've never exercised, is this the type of workout for me?

During your first visit to one of our studios (trial), we will carry out an evaluation which will enable us to establish your personalized training program and adapt it to your physical condition and your objectives. In Europe, power plate training is known as the “anti-aging” machine.

How many times a week should I do it to get results?

Ideally 3 times a week, but 2 times a week may be suitable for those who already have a sports training program.

How long has vibration training been around?

The principle of vibration training (muscle activation using the tonic vibration reflex) was discovered in the mid-20th century. In the former Soviet Union, it was mainly in 1980 (during the Olympic Games) that many Russian athletes successfully trained on vibration machines. Over time, new knowledge and analysis results led to the development of a number of different machines, giving rise to today’s Power Plate, which produces a three-dimensional vibration.

Is it painful?

Power Plate training lasts just 25 minutes and is 3 times more effective thanks to its three-dimensional imbalance. There’s no doubt that some effort is required, but considering that each exercise lasts only about 1 minute and that it’s mainly the last 10 seconds that are the most demanding, it goes very well. What’s more, since your trainer is constantly by your side, he or she will encourage you and correct the exercises as needed.

I have health problems. Is this type of training right for me?

Even if this type of training is used for rehabilitation, there are contraindications (detached retina, phlebitis, acute herniated disc (among others) but at your first meeting, we will evaluate your state of health and tell you if you are eligible).

Is it as good for men as it is for women?

Equally suitable for men and women

Everyone has their own program, adapted to their physical condition, objectives and performance level. The Canadiens, the Alouettes, the Montreal Impact, Raphaël Nadal and Tiger Woods are all fans.

My mother is 72, can she also use the Power Plate?

Vibration training can also be useful for the elderly. Among other things, the Power Plate enables muscles to be toned easily and safely, without putting any particular strain on joints, ligaments and tendons. In this respect, weight training and vibration training help to increase bone density in cases of osteoporosis.

Does it work if I'm too heavy?

Power plate training improves blood circulation thanks to three-dimensional muscle strengthening. Cellular combustion is therefore triggered, leading to a 3-fold increase in caloric expenditure. However, the machine can support up to 400 lbs.