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A passionate team of Power Plate-certified private trainers.

Petar Pavlov

As a business owner and kinesiologist, my primary role is to share my knowledge and improve the quality of life for all clients who train with us. I have a team of highly qualified trainers who are committed to changing the lives of each client. Additionally, the Power Plate is a unique and rare technology worldwide that works wonders in the fields of health and fitness. My mission is to introduce this marvel to everyone who trains with us. My team and I are here to help you achieve your personal goals and obtain the best possible results.

Océanne Levacher 

As the manager and head coach of Studio, my primary role is to ensure that every client has a unique experience with us and that each workout is an enjoyable experience. Additionally, I have been passionate about sports since I was young! Having practiced several sports, including ballet, gymnastics, and soccer, I have developed a passion that I would love to share with the people I train with. I hope to pass on my love for sports to you!

Yanick Roy

A fitness enthusiast since childhood, I developed my passion through circus, gymnastics, fitness, and yoga. I believe I am a good listener and able to adapt well to each person to help them achieve their personal goals while having fun.

Eva Mateos

In 2005, I obtained my Power Plate trainer certification in Marbella, Spain. For five years, I ran my own studio, the “New You Center,” where I had the opportunity to coach hundreds of people of all ages and help them achieve remarkable results. I have a great passion for nutrition and an unconventional approach to fitness, and these two aspects of health have led me to fully dedicate myself to personal well-being.

Alexandre Guay

Being an active person from a young age, I have always wanted to achieve my goals and surpass my limits by constantly aiming higher.

Today, by combining my passion for fitness with my desire to help people, I am committed to making everyone’s goals attainable.

Looking forward to surpassing our limits together!

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