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A passionate team of Power Plate-certified private trainers.

Chantal Héroux

Founder and director of, Chantal has been a private trainer for over 30 years. She is a certified Power Plate trainer in Quebec.

Yanick Roy

A fitness enthusiast since childhood, I developed my passion through circus, gymnastics, fitness and yoga. I consider myself a good listener and am able to adapt well to each person so that they can achieve their personal goals while having fun.

Océanne Levacher 

My name is Océane and I’ve been a sports fan ever since I was a little girl! Having practiced several sports including ballet, gymnastics and soccer, I’ve developed a passion that I’d like to share with the people I come into contact with during training sessions. I hope to pass on my love of sport to you!

Petar Pavlov

A kinesiology student, he is passionate about sport and personal development. A former provincial-level soccer player, sport is the physical activity he’s most passionate about. He’ll help you achieve your personal goals and get the best possible results: “Every client who comes through me will be projected into a better dimension and will gradually succeed in surpassing themselves!!!”

Eva Mateos 

In 2005, Eva graduated as a Power Plate instructor in Marbella, Spain. For five years, she ran her own studio, the “New You Center”, where she coached hundreds of people of all ages, achieving miraculous results with clients young and old. Her passion for Mediterranean diets and the unconventional approach to fitness led her to dedicate herself fully to personal well-being.

Camillo Avellan

Since my youth, I’ve been involved in sports as an athlete, winning several Quebec Championship titles in martial arts and combat sports. I was also a high-level field hockey player. My approach is to listen carefully to my clients’ needs and to be understanding towards them. My aim is to support them in achieving their personal goals by sharing my knowledge to the best of my ability. I look forward to meeting you.

Rita Victor

Rita has been a private trainer since 2010. She has also practiced figure skating and martial arts since her youth. Her passion for performance and the unlimited capacities of the human body will help you push your limits and reach your goals.

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